Allink  v0.1
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
BLOCKInformation for every block
CHAINInformation of every chain
CIRCLERadius and center of a circle
DdArrayDomain decomposition using arrays
DdCellThe array of particles in every cell
DdDoubleLoopStupid double loop to check the other pair loops
DdFixCellThe array of particles in every cell
DdFixedSizeDomain decomposition using arrays
DdLinkedListDomain decomposition as pointer to linked particles
DOMAIN_PARTThe previuos and consecutive particle in the cell linked list
DomCellFor every cube how many particles and which are the first and the last
DomDecBasicsAll the general functions shared among the different domain decomposition structures
DomPartThe previuos and consecutive particle in the cell linked list
DrawDraw provides the basic configuration of the openGL libraries used in every derived program
ElementiGraficiContains the function to interacts with the data stored in VarDatFile
ElPolyOperates and visualizes the information in the VarData class
FinestraDefines a window
FORCESSingle contribution of the forces
ForcesThis class performs the different steps to solve the equations of motion via molecular dynamics simulation, simple grancanonical simulation in Monte Carlo and solution of 1d differential equations
GENERALGeneral information of the system
GRIDCELLAll the vertex in a cell
ImpostaNBinHomemade slider
KFORCESPrefactors of the forces
LINKSStructure with the links of the particles
MatematicaImplementation of useful algorythms
MatIntEnergy contribution from the density functional hamiltonian
MatriceMatrice computes the algebric operations on matrices
MOMENTIMoments of a distribution
My_face_base< Gt >
NANOInformation about the nanoparticle
NeiVertexConnects the triangles by vertices
PARABOLAParabolas coefficients
PARTInformation of every particle
PERMUTEIndices for the permutation
PianoDefine a plane
PropertiesSome calculated properties of the system
QUADRIFour dimentional vector/quaternion
QuadriQuaternion class
QuaternioneQuaternion operations
RADICEWhere a root was searched
RETTALinear interpolation
SingProcBasics class to start a MPI grid
SOFTInformation for every soft object
SpecFuntore< Classe >
SPLINECoefficient of a spline
SplineCoeficients of a N order spline
TENSSpatial tensor profile
VAR_LINEDefine a triangle
VAR_TRIANGLEDefine a triangle
VarDataReads and elaborates a system of chains
VarDatFileReads and stores a data file to be elaborated via Matematica
VETTThree dimentional vector
VettoreGeometrical operations on vectors
XYZA Cartesian tern